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The words ELLUSIVE PERSPECTIVES describe my photography as I explore my environment and attempt to capture the variety and beauty of nature as well as aspects of the history and culture of our world. As an artist, I have spent many years photographing landscapes, wildlife, historical sites as well as still life scenes. I also do contract photography and graphics for several companies/organizations, and occasionally photograph weddings and special events. I started out as a film photographer but now exclusively use digital equipment, personally managing the entire photographic, post production, printing and framing processes.

Many of my photographs depict the northwestern United States and Canada; however, I have traveled extensively across both countries. I have also spent time in the Middle
East, Great Britain, Europe, Russia, Eastern and Southern Africa, the Caribbean, parts of South America including South Georgia Island, and China. I seek to capture the unusual, the reflections, and the mystical quality of the world around me. My background as a nurse, an educator and an administrator lends sensitivity to my observations of life, places and people. I currently live in Spokane, Washington, the center of the Inland Northwest region of the United States, with my husband and my dog Mitzy.

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